A mobile puzzle game for your brain


WAREHOUSE is a challenging puzzle created in Japan during the 1980s.
It definitely is a massage for the brain as it combines logic with strategy to be solved. Here are 50 of the thousands of puzzles or levels that exist, and more are created everyday. This is a HTML5 version of the game that can be played online in tablets and some other mobile devices.

Help Florinda, the girl with the flowers, to grow FLOWERS where radioactivity exists. Use the keyboard arrow keys, or use the arrows in the lower left corner of the game to help Florinda push the boxes and bring them to the squares marked with RADIOACTIVE symbols. As you move the boxes you will understand how the puzzle works, how to relocate boxes to open paths, and will develop LOGIC skills to think in advance and be able to solve this and other puzzle games.

There are competitions where the winner is the one who solve these puzzles using the lesser amount of moves. So you could replay these 50 free puzzle levels and do better every time... have fun!


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